About Us

1409285193Dr. Jun and his team will help you to unlock your academic and career potential. We either tutor you at you own home or online. We are flexible in schedules and locations. We do our tutoring all over Long Island, Westchester, and five boroughs of New York City.

Our tutors are highly trained professionals who are punctual, polite, enthusiastic, and very patient. Most importantly, we are goal oriented and want to and can help you pass your tests, exams, SAT, ACT and Regents and achieve the highest score you want to achieve.

Dr. Jun has more than twenty years of teaching experience and he vigorously screens and hand picks his tutors from a large pool of candidates. Being a Harvard PhD, he knows what it takes to achieve excellence and set high standards for his tutors and his students.

What our customers say about us:

Ms. Lawson: “Just wanted you to know Tylor got his progress report card from summer school, he got 88!!!!!! Thank you for your hard work!!”

Debbie: “Richard did really well, he got 75, so I was really pleased. Thank you for your help.”

Yolanda: “Thank you for your expert teaching methods tailored to her needs that my daughter is now able to get perfect score from her usually 90s. She is feeling more confident than ever.”

Maria: “Because of In-Depth Tutoring, Jose is the most advanced student in his grade level. You not only helped him academically, but you also made him a stronger person and more motivated young man.”

Satish: “Thank you for helping my daughter getting her AP physics and SAT physics passed at the time that she was overwhelmed by so many hard tests.”

Yvonne: “Lyal was not strong in math to begin with but thanks to your great tutoring service. Now he is passing all his college math classes and well on his way to computer science major.”

Rachel: “You got my daughter’s exam notice only 2 days before yet only 2 tutoring sessions later she passed her geometry final. Thank you for your efficient and effective service.”