If you do not work with requests module previously, kindly go through the following page requests module. Using requests_html to render JavaScript. First of all, we need to read data from the CSV file in Python. As a data scientist, you can code a simple Python script and extract the data you’re looking for. Let's get the summary of what Python … Thanks for this tutorial. lxml is an XML and HTML parser. In this case the file is .log file, and was tested with Wazuh agent log file. How to get a text file name from the application start up folder in vb.net; any way to extract a value from a text file? We will be using the pprint.pformat module to pretty print our dictionary’s values and we use python’s write mode to write the dictionary’s values to the file. This means if we try just scraping the HTML, the JavaScript won’t be executed, and thus, we won’t see the tags containing the expiration dates. Python came to our rescue with its libraries like pandas and matplotlib so that we can represent our data in a graphical form. For example, you may want to include the nationalities and years of … How to extract online data using Python, Basic concepts about HTML, XPath, Scrapy, and spiders We saw the path we need to follow to get our data. Getting values from HTML is simple, assuming you have the following HTML code… [code]