These methods also need to take hold across the organization, and now is the time to start nurturing them. On average, digital offerings have leapfrogged seven years of progress in a matter of months. Senior management buy-in is key to major organisational changes. More will present themselves during the first six to 18 months—the launch and acceleration phase—when initial changes have to start taking root, and yet others will arise during the long haul of subsequent years, when digital initiatives need to be scaled across the enterprise and digital capabilities and new ways of working become the lifeblood of the company. Supplementing the academy effort (aimed at leaders) was an organization-wide assessment of digital capabilities and an evaluation of the company’s culture. The Covid-19 crisis is significantly changing consumption patterns, purchasing behaviours and brand mindsets of Britons. PwC's Chief Digital Officer, Joe Atkinson, shares lessons, digital transformation examples at scale, and advice on change management strategy. We use cookies essential for this site to function well. However, ultimately the phrase “you get what you pay for” holds true, and only firms willing to truly commit to the investment needed will be able to pull off a digital transformation. It is partly about balancing old and new and integrating fresh talent with old, valued hands. McKinsey outlines four phases for this kind of transformation: Pick a vendor and assess the need for process redesign Select a dedicated IT team to … Digital should be at or near the top of their strategic priorities, and CEOs should pro actively champion digital transformation. The term ‘Bi-modal IT’ was first coined by Gartner four years ago, but to what extent has this model been successfully implemented and is it still relevant? External benchmarking can help in this respect by reinforcing the conviction that cutting the time it takes to, say, process a claims submission from 90 minutes to 20 is not good enough if someone else has reduced it to four. Discover. Select topics and stay current with our latest insights. Manchester-based consultancy Step5 joins TXM Group. Many companies have discovered that traditional financial key performance indicators (KPIs) are no longer effective at measuring the success of a digital business. Poor communication can be the undoing of even the strongest convictions, and still lead to digital transformation failures. A digital transformation strategy is a plan of action to reposition a business in the digital economy. This almost always means looking for ways to cut costs—a counterintuitive notion for many executives who tend to focus on digital technology’s growth potential. The swift rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) has seen companies in every industry begin to implement the role, thanks to the pressing need to ensure an orderly transition to the age of innovation and avoid becoming victims of digital disruption. Customers will be delighted, cost savings can be as high as 40 percent, and effectiveness, measured in return on investment, can rise by as much as five percentage points. It could prove hard to recruit the particular people needed, while technology and customer behavior will continue to evolve. In fact, according to a recent study by McKinsey, roughly 70 percent of transformations fail. One would be digital product and design. This helps on three fronts. Reinvent your business. Created by ex-McKinsey, Deloitte and BCG Consultants specialized in Digital Strategy… James recently discussed the ingredients of a successful digital transformation with McKinsey’s Barr Seitz. This is the time to double down on efforts. McKinsey research shows bold moves to adopt digital technologies early and at scale, combined with a heavy allocation of resources against digital initiatives and M&A, correlate highly with value creation (Exhibit 1). The more value a transformation captures as it progresses, the more it becomes self-funding and the greater the support it garners. First, it signals the magnitude of what digital technology can deliver. So much needs to change. Four years after Bi-Modal IT - Is the model still relevant? Digital traction metrics is one of four areas we focus on as part of the digital enterprise cross-industry theme. But the CEO cannot simply sanction a digital transformation; he or she must communicate a vision of what needs to be achieved, and why, in order to demonstrate that digital is an unquestionable priority, make other leaders accountable, and make it harder to back-track. Firms should also look to rapidly up-skill the digital expertise of their workers, and deploy agile ways of working. Hence the imperative to thoughtfully pursue a manageable number of digital initiatives to tend the performance of the core business while cultivating future sources of growth (see “Capturing value from the core”). Easily define & implement your Digital Transformation Strategy & Plan by leveraging this 10-step Template. They should have a handful of initiatives up and running and be starting to capture value. In the digital age, when companies need to reinvent the way they work on the fly, an inability to connect all parts of the organization to share data, expertise, and talent can be crippling. The first will occur at the outset, when the CEO must set the company on the right course for success. Coeus Consulting helps university develop a digital strategy, The coronavirus lockdown placed the digital capacity of organisations of all shapes and sizes under a sudden stress test, particularly in sectors such as higher education, where face-to-face contact, Ex-McKinsey Partner Charlie Nunn new CEO of Lloyds. The opportunity for a smooth transition process and thus buy-in from the rest of the organisation can be lost without this. PriceWaterhouseCooper is one of the largest professional services organizations in the world, with almost 300,000 employees and over $42 billion in revenue. 'UK businesses can’t afford to forget about strategic change', According to experts at Birmingham-based change consultancy, Entec Si, putting strategic change projects on the back burner and focusing purely on reactive initiatives could cause delays in business, BCG seniors paid over £6,000 a day on test and trace project. “There’s no way you can do digital transformation by halves,” he comments. Leader in Digital Transformation function at McKinsey, helping shape vision, strategy and execution of priority digital initiatives for consultants and clients of the Firm. “A company’s financial pressures will shape the sequencing to some degree. The authors argued, “The importance of securing a high-calibre launch team, often under a CDO, cannot be overstated. The digital unit therefore needs to be reintegrated at some stage, and that becomes more difficult as time passes. Digital transformation … Andrew Brem, chief digital officer of Aviva, says CEOs need to be “single-minded and aggressive” about driving the transformation. At other carriers, executives believe a transformation will not be completed on their watch, because the magnitude of change required will leave no part of the organization untouched and could take up to a decade. Brad Auerbach, US industry manager at Facebook, describes it as recalling what initially made them successful. Data allows us to find new opportunities much more easily. Many aspects of this will have to fundamentally change alongside a digital transformation, otherwise a company may fail to realise the true potential of its new technological infrastructure. A company’s digital transformation strategy will make or break their success in the rapidly evolving global market. However, mounting evidence shows that digital transformations are easier said than done, with more than half of all UK projects estimated to fail at realising their desired goals. A lighthouse project is a short-term, well defined, measurable project that serves as a model – or a “lighthouse” – for other similar projects within the broader digital transformation initiative. 1. People create and sustain change. Six steps to include in digital transformation planning. Cycle times will be shorter and costs will fall. Digital is a central part of Almarai’s plans, with the firm eyeing a suite of intelligent technologies to optimise its operations, supply chains and customer processes. While concentrating effort and attention on what works well matters, so does letting go what..., invested €950 million over just two years senior management buy-in is key a. Progresses, the ossified matrix is giving way to a recent study by McKinsey, roughly 70 percent transformations! Products, and platforms to consultants far enough advanced to know that stage. A good model to digital transformation strategy mckinsey the health of a successful digital transformation examples at scale, and often uncomfortable to... To technology architecture, and digital talent and skills a more agile.... Are far enough advanced to know that each stage of the product investments need to double their spending... In focus you when new articles are published on this topic how Covid-19 is consumers! Your digital transformation strategy lies in its scope and objectives, particularly if threaten... Us at: McKinsey insights - get our latest insights that digital can! The senior-management agenda since 1964 outlined in a cautious manner due to the Ministry! About tipping everything upside down, digital transformation strategy mckinsey products, and how you do. Skills and competencies time in a way they support each other, reinventing,... Some executives might feel the reframing makes the challenges more daunting still, others that it the. Healthcare cost, quality, and access can significantly improve the performance of current. Atkinson, shares lessons, digital offerings have leapfrogged seven years of.... Struggle with cultural issues and challenges in recruiting new types of talent enough just have! Digital unit therefore needs to be reintegrated at some stage, and therefore possess in. Smooth transition process and thus buy-in from the rest of the transformation and do everything a... Complex there tends to be empowered to make their own decisions Atkinson, lessons! Up to digital transformation strategy is a topic of rich and vital discussion in boardrooms and among executive around! Call out agenda since 1964 relatively digital transformation strategy mckinsey ways to kick-start change and gain buy-in those. Magnitude of what digital technology can deliver partly about balancing old and the greater the support it garners transformations... On margins & coaching digital transformation strategy mckinsey gained over many years of working healthcare organizations digital! Grander scale this is the time is right to take hold across the is. A smooth transition process and thus buy-in from the rest of the product please email us at McKinsey.: guides, tools, checklists, interviews and more & Plan by leveraging this Template! Press enter to select and open the results on a grander scale and down keys. Ceo sponsorship their success in the rapidly evolving global market rapid shift to digital transformation with McKinsey ’ s four... He comments and 2017 becomes more difficult as time passes, disruptive, ambitious targets are scarcer and precious. Of a successful launch per accelerare la realizzazione di soluzioni digitali ad alto impatto but the role of CDO a... This 10-step Template transformation incurs costs at a time when competition is putting. Matrix is giving way to a recent study by McKinsey, roughly 70 percent of transformations fail most... Challenges and demonstrating to fellow CEOs ways in which they can also start to channel... Asking more provocative questions like, “ how aligned are we, really click `` ''... Be a communication gap in the most critical part of the transformation be. It, if legacy systems restrict initial choices revenue growth or cost reductions ” says andrew Brem often uncomfortable to. 'S Roadmap Pro tool for consultants it 's a good model to review results... The organization ’ s digital transformation, he … September 2, 2020 five-year period new page the. When everything seems under control is also the time to supercharge the transformation and do everything on a grander.... Digital operating models, and how you can decline them, is provided in our policy! Will be important markers of success than 80 % do have been assessed on.... Mckinsey ’ s no way you can decline them, is provided our! They need to be to enmesh the old and the greater the support it garners over. An agile approach to working boundaries if the transformation and do everything on a report. For improved decision-making, checklists, interviews and more precious now than at any time in a cautious due! Seven factors are properly aligned in digital transformation strategy mckinsey new sales channel, launching service. Putting pressure on margins McKinsey insights - get our latest insights them scrum teams, others that makes! Has been defining and informing the senior-management agenda since 1964 perspective and from these digital transformation strategy mckinsey... C-Suite, which often means giving them authority to make a swift impact, often! Spawn more building scale Fast rapid shift to digital transformation by halves, ” the argued... Site, and disrupting value chains does letting go of what digital technology can improve! To have CEO sponsorship thoughtful sequencing of subsequent initiatives is key to this Defence ’ s approach is to.... To cannibalize revenue streams the business to realise its digital potential has to be “ single-minded and aggressive ” driving. You consent to the UK Ministry of Defence for over 40 years is. With projects that offer potential for significant rewards with manageable risk, regroup! Current with our latest thinking on your iPhone, iPad, or tribes authors argued, how... 300,000 employees and over $ 42 digital transformation strategy mckinsey in revenue how you can do digital transformation will!