Amager Bakke. There’s a recently-constructed waste-to-energy plant located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Amager Bakke is billed as one of the cleanest waste-to-energy plants in the world, thanks to technology that filters its emissions. “CopenHill” opened October 4, with hiking trails, a fitness center, even an artificial ski slope on its slanted roof. He always goes about things differently, and this was no exception, so the result is a ski slope, a cafe and hiking trails 85 meters above the ground, with a breath-taking view of Copenhagen. The Amager Bakke incinerator project under construction in Copenhagen, Denmark, is the flashiest example of Europe's effort to deploy waste-to-energy technology to cut carbon emissions. Ifølge Danmarks Skiforbund kan betydningen af skianlægget ved Amager Bakke ikke overvurderes, og skibakken vil være skelsættende for de mange danskere, der årligt løber på ski – og ikke mindst for de 17.000 organiserede medlemmer i de omkring 80 danske skiklubber. Home > News > The Grand Opening of Amager Bakke-Copenhill The Grand Opening of Amager Bakke-Copenhill Copenhill, the sports facility featuring a Neveplast ski slope located on the roof of the new waste-to-energy plant in the heart of Copenaghen, officially opened to the public on October 4 th . CopenHill, also known as Amager Bakke, opens as a new breed of waste-to-energy plant topped with a ski slope, hiking trail and climbing wall, embodying the notion of hedonistic sustainability while aligning with Copenhagen’s goal of becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2025. 2300 København S. Cykel: Du kan med fordel tage cyklen til Amager Bakke. CopenHill is an all year dry slope with gates and freestyle park. Well, at Amager Bakke this is just one part of its major sci-fi-worthy overhaul being conducted by star architecture studio BIG. … To better understand the latest innovative science behind waste-fired power plants globally, TPR recently toured Amager Bakke, a waste-to-energy plant (and, yes, ski slope attraction) in Copenhagen, Denmark; and, spoke with Bettina Kamuk, Global Market Director for Ramboll, who explained how the Copenhagen facility meets air quality and emissions standards while providing low … Amager Bakke ligger på: Vindmøllevej 6. The facilities include Denmark’s largest ski-slope, the worlds tallest climbing wall, a cafeteria and visitor platform with stunning views of the city and region and ski rental/service facilities. Bus: Bus 2A kører til stoppestedet Lynetten (Refshalevej), herfra er der 15 minutters gang (1 km) til Amager Bakke … Copenhill Copenhagen Ski Slope, Amager Waste-to-Energy Plant, Danish Hill Design by BIG. CopenHill, also known as Amager Bakke, is a 41,000m 2 waste-to-energy plant with an urban recreation center and environmental education hub, turning social infrastructure into an architectural landmark. Photograph: … An 11,000 square metre ski slope has been built with three pistes: a 180 metre … Almost a decade in the making, this hybrid building is the ultimate oxymoron. 5 + 4 Oct 2019. Amager Bakke is billed as one of the cleanest waste-to-energy plants in the world, thanks to technology that filters its emissions. Copenhill Copenhagen. Copenhagen, Denmark. It opened in 2017, and partially replaced the nearby old incineration plant in Amager, which is in the process of being converted from coal to biomass (expected finished 2020). CopenHill, also known as Amager Bakke, is a Copenhagen-based heat and waste-to-power plant. The Amager Bakke waste-to-energy plant-cum-ski slope, newly renamed CopenHill, opened in Copenhagen last Friday, just in time to receive the 1,000+ C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group delegates gathering in the Danish capital this week. How futuristic does an artificial ski slope and recreational hill on top of a waste-to-energy plant sound? (© Hufton + Crow) Designed by BIG and SLA, the lush rooftop park at Copenhill is meant to foster urban biodiversity. Amager, Denmark Amager Bakke on Amager is an innovative example of how an incineration plant can accommodate green facilities, activities for residents and even a ski slope on top. Amager Bakke – Copenhagen Ski Slope Building image : BIG & MIR Located in an industrial area near the city centre the new Waste-to-Energy plant will be an exemplary model in the field of waste management and energy production, as well as an architectural landmark in the cityscape of Copenhagen. This is an unofficial Page. amager bakke power plant. BIG’s year-round ski plant won the international competition in 2011 and broke ground in 2013. When the Amager incineration plant was due for renovation, the architect Bjarke Ingels was hired for the job. It will house Denmark’s first ski-slope (on the roof of the plant, no less). Copenhagen Ski Slope - Amager Bakke. The centre is to officially open this summer with the artificial ski slope known as “Copenhill” previewed in pictures exclusively by Hjortshøj. Copenhagen Ski Slope - Amager Bakke. Copenhill Copenhagen: Amager Ski Slope. Just across the bay from the queen’s palace, it includes a roof-top ski slope and a hiking trail, with trees growing on landscaped sections. The incinerator of the future Amager Bakke The incinerator with ski slopes, park and climbing wall The plant, Copenhill / Amager Bakke, is being constructed by Amager Ressourcecenter (ARC), owned by five Danish municipalities. 147 likes. Amager Bakke / Copenhill. People have fun at Amager Bakke, aka Copenhill, an artificial ski slope and recreational hiking area on top of a waste plant in Copenhagen. Amager Bakke (Amager Hill), also known as Amager Slope or Copenhill, is a combined heat and power waste-to-energy plant and sports facility in Amager, Copenhagen, Denmark. SLA's design of a green rooftop park for Copenhagen's new waste-to-energy plant combines hiking trails, playgrounds, vantage points, climbing walls and street fitness - along with a 500+ meter ski slope designed by BIG. Architecture photography studio Hufton + Crow has captured the chimney of Amager Bakke, a power station covered by a ski slope designed by BIG, rising from the mist. This is an unofficial Page. The Amager Bakke Foundation is responsible for the realization and administration of the recreational facilities at Copenhill - the combined energy plant and rooftop park. Amager Bakke plays a major role in Copenhagen’s zero-carbon-by-2025 ambitions. The images show the preparations and the first tests of this artificial ski slope. It isn't affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with Amager Bakke. Amager Bakke is almost finished the energy waste conversion plant in Copenhagen designed by BIG.The deck was designed as an artificial ski slope. Coloured in vibrant shades of green an artificial ski slope on the roof of the Amager Bakke waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen has been captured in images by Danish photographer Rasmus Hjortshøj. It isn't affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with Amager Bakke. And while that alone is not necessarily unusual, the artificial green ski slope and park that sits atop the plant is! It's also a recreational center that now sports an artificial ski slope -- a real draw in flat Denmark. The BIG day has arrived for the Danish firm's long-awaited, waste-to-energy ski slope Amager Bakke, which was inaugurated and fully opened to the public today.At 41,000m2, the year-round ski plant — also dubbed “CopenHill” — was the winning proposal of a 2011 competition that was designed by BIG in collaboration with SLA, AKT, Lüchinger+Meyer, MOE, and Rambøll. Vi befinder os kun 10 minutter (2,5 km) fra Inderhavnsbroen. BIG has completed the "cleanest waste-to-energy power plant in the world" in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is topped by a ski slope open all year round. ‘An emblem of a culture of why-not and because-you-can’: the £485m Amager Resource Centre in Copenhagen – an energy facility, and a ski slope. It will emit its CO2 emissions - not as a continuous stream of smoke, oh no - but in sudden, bursting smoke rings. Vibrant. It is build on the worlds cleanest waste to energy plant, and is particularly interesting due to it’s close location to Copenhagen as well as surrounding facilities such as viewing platform, climbing wall, running/hiking route, after ski, restaurant, ski … Copenhill / Amager Bakke will be equipped with two furnace lines and a … Copenhagen’s state-of-the-art Amager Bakke sets new standards for environmental performance, energy efficiency and waste treatment capacity. Waste-to-Energy Plant Copenhagen Building, Denmark: Opening – design by BIG architects. Prior to the opening of an artificial ski slope on the Amager Bakke waste to energy facility in Copenhagen this summer, Swedish freestyle skier, Jesper Tjäder, was allowed to test the new “mountain” at The Audi Nines event, showing off a series of freestyle obstacles and stunts. 268 likes. Beginning operation in 2017, the power plant converts trash into low-carbon energy through incineration.