In Order To Get a Tutor, You should Do the Following to Register for Tutoring Sessions:

    • Register as a student by filling out the registration form,
    • Click on “Your account” to choose a tutoring topic,
    • Click on “Choose your topics and tutors”,
    • Click on the topic and tutor, eg. “Math Tutors”,
    • Click on either the name of the tutor or the photo of the tutor,
    • Click on any duration or pricing on the “Lesson Durations and Pricing (Online or In-Person Tutoring)”,
    • Click on “Book a Lesson Now” to check out,
    • Schedule your appointments by following the prompts,
    • Tutor will meet you at specified location and time.

REGENTS PREP Topics Include:

      • 1. MATH

        • Algebra I,
        • Geometry,
        • Algebra II/Trigonometry
        • ​College Algebra
        • Pre-calculus
        • ​Calculus I, II, and III

Intensive Review Sessions & Practice Tests held on Saturday and Sunday mornings
Taught By Seasoned, Specialized and Experienced Teachers who has Master degree in Mathematics.

7. PHYSICS (including AP class and SAT)
8. CHEMISTRY (including AP class and SAT)
9. BIOLOGY (including AP class and SAT)

Practice make it perfect

In order to perform well in the exam, we need to practice. Understanding the concept is one thing but to be able to do well in the exam is quite another.

We encourage our students to do as many practice exams as possible before going to the actual exam.

Open Platform for Secure, Quick, and Easy Payment Process

Search for teacher
​Find the teacher who fits best for your level and subject.

Scheduling ​Lessons

Students can schedule the lessons on line and confirm the lessons with the teachers. The lessons must begin on time or the lessons will be dismissed by the teacher if the student is late for more than 10 minutes. ​

Paying for the Lessons

250188002After the lesson, the teacher will confirmation lesson in the system and get paid through the system. No later than 24 hours, the system will automatically confirm the paid lessons and generate receipts.

Teacher Evaluation

After confirming the lesson, the student will evaluate the teacher’s performance by giving points on “like” or “dislike” and write detailed evaluation.

The Platform Improves the chance of getting the right students. Your teaching credentials are open to all prospective students and set up a teaching schedule.

Check the Order

The teacher is informed when the student has scheduled the lessons.

Confirm Lesson

​The teacher receives student’s request for the lesson. He will answer the students’ request through the system. He will make an early preparation on the given lesson materials and give the lesson at the appointed time.

Receive Payment

Upon the completion of the lesson, students make a payment through the system, the teacher will get paid through payment processing center.

Student Evaluation

The teacher will evaluate the students’ work and give an assessment on where the student should improve.