Option Trading Training Seminar

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Learn How to Safeguard and Profit from your Portfolio and Grow Your Wealth Fast By Using the Best Proven Option Strategies

When you review the performance of your 401k and your investment portfolio, you notice that their growth is painfully slow. Over a very long period time, your investment has not reached your expectations. Not to mention when the economy goes into recession and the stock market is tanking, the growth of your personal wealth comes to a halt or even goes backwards. Only then you realize that you have to do something about it.

Trade options safely and profitably is your best viable solution. But how are you going to do that? If you rely on reading a lot of investment books, magazines, news papers, quarterly reports or watch CNBC daily-none of that can help you gain any truly insightful knowledge or actual methods in how to trade options. Anybody can trade options but perhaps over 90 percent of those trading option is losing their hard earned money. Then, you will say that the trading option is not for you. You are just not good at making money in the stock market. Just leave your investment alone until retirement or when you need your money.

The reason you are not good at trading option is because you are using only one or two methods rigidly. You are making predictions based on reports or the general market directions. Sometimes you heard some trading opportunities but when that stock does not go to the direction you hoped, you lose money. When you lose money, your heart is aching. That is the money you cannot afford to lose. But you have no choice. Your position is at odds with the market or the stock itself. You say why? You have done your research and your homework on the stock. It’s supposedly to go up but it went down or vice versa. Sometimes, the whole market goes up more than 200 points in a day but the stock you are trading is going down. It seems that anyway you go, you lose money. You are thinking you are either in a bad luck or something is wrong about the way you are trading.

If you are using your rational, you know that you are losing money not because of bad luck. It’s the way you are trading that is not right. You have no strategies that can deal with ups and downs of the market, stocks or options. The way you are trading has created an opportunity for others to make money off you rather than the other way around.

Sample of the training session:
“This strategy will not let you look at the rear view mirror and say I should have done this or I should have done that after the market has fluctuated in an unpredictable manner.  This strategy also will not let you bet against the market directions after you have put your money into either long or short stock positions.  You may be familiar with long or short stock positions and you hope your bet will win.  If you are right you make money, but if you are wrong money is lost. The result is that most of time you lose.

This sounds much like gambling and the way you are doing it, investing is a real gamble. If you walk into a casino, your enemy is the casino itself. If you are trading in the stock market, you enemies are those hedge fund managers, professional traders, and even highly sophisticated trading software systems that you do not even see or hear about.”
Ophelia, a 65-year old retiree, after the training, made $320.00 with only $1500 working capital in her first trade and she made $180.00 in her second trade. All these trades were done in less than 100 days.


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